Live Your Raddest Life

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Live Your Raddest Life

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Need a practical approach to reaching all your life’s goals and dreams? Check out Brock’s Amazon best-seller, The Switchback Approach.


How to Become the Person You Want

There’s so much talk about “becoming the person” that we want to become, realizing our best self, and following our path and our purpose. But how do you really do that? That’s a great question, and one that I don’t have all the answers...

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The Brilliance Within Us

I look back at my life-all the times I tried to impress, or be something that I wasn’t, when all the time it was all inside of me-all the contentment, all the joy…

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Brock in a Nutshell

I’m a rad dad of 2 daughters. Love travel and see a lot of the globe. Ultra endurance athlete-mountain bike racing, trail running, backcountry skiing. Adventure seeker. Total tree hugger, granola, hippy-ish, whatever you wanna call it. I just love nature and connecting to it. I dig meditation and quiet time. Lover of people and the diversity that each human brings. I’m vegan…well, more than that I eat plant based and feel insanely healthy eating plants. I’m an author. Dreamer. Law of attraction in action kinda guy. Switchbacking fool-which just means I take small steps and through mad consistency eventually get what I seek out of life and I help others to do the same. Those that want it. I say words like “rad, gnarly, epic, totally, stoked, and killer.” So with that said, I’m stoked that you’re here and I’m here to help you live your raddest life!




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